‘They think construction is easy’ is a statement we hear many times from our construction clients when they speak of their own clients.  It is of course anything but easy.

From the complexity of tendering and pricing for jobs to the logistics of delivering a project on time and within budget there is so much to be managed.

To try and manage this complex mix of disciplines there will be a range of legal documents such as:

  • Traditional building contract;
  • JCT or NEC terms and conditions;
  • Employer’s specification;
  • Letters of appointment;
  • Collateral warranties for funders, clients and tenants;
  • Insurance requirements;
  • Building defects insurance;
  • Performance bonds
"In our experience construction clients too easily agree to increase their limit of liability under their insurance, forgetting that the increased premium will have to be paid not just for one year but for 12."

Lace Law has worked for and with developers for over 20 years.  We understand that many of our clients expect a pragmatic approach and accordingly when assessing any transaction we look for the boulders more than for the pebbles!