Company & Commercial

Commercial and Company

In law a company is treated as an independent person. Just like a person, a Company will go through many significant events in its life. Unlike a person, there is often a requirement that the events affecting a company are recorded in writing.

A company may need some or all of the following documentation during its lifetime:

  • Company formation;
  • Issuing share capital;
  • Paperwork necessary to validly take out loans;
  • Appointing new directors, Company Secretary or auditors;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Share or asset sales;
  • Business acquisitions;
  • Advising Directors on liability issues
"Limited Companies are a great way to achieve business aims but the Directors do have a responsibility to ensure compliance with the many regulations in this area"

The lawyers in Lace Law have been part of the life of many companies for over 20 years and have seen companies through from formation to sale. Please call for further details of how we can help you achieve your business aims using a limited Company.