Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contract

If, as business owners, we could all rely on trust and a handshake there would probably be no need for written contracts. Unfortunately, the modern business world is now so complex that even the most straightforward transaction can involve more terms and conditions than can be dealt with on an informal basis.

Whenever you need a contract drafting, we will work with you to understand what promises all the parties expect to see in the agreement and then make sure that they are properly recorded in an agreement or a set of terms and conditions.

In preparing such contracts, we understand that we can play an important part in the success of your business. Your contracts need to reflect your business style and most importantly you need to be in a position to present your terms and conditions confidently and understand the reasons why certain terms and conditions appear in the contract.

We regularly assist our clients with the following types of commercial documents:

  • Terms and conditions of business;
  • Consultancy agreements;
  • Buyers or Sellers terms and conditions;
  • Service level agreements;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Letters of intent.
"Providing you with clear contracts that you can confidently present to your clients is a key part of helping you win business."

Our lawyers have extensive experience of working for commercial enterprises and helping them settle terms and conditions of business that achieve their business goals.