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Working with us, working for us

We are a new legal business but the Directors have over 60 years of combined business experience to draw upon.  Our experience is not just in the legal sector (which includes time as a managing partner and an MBA for legal practices) but includes time in industry and time working for large PLC's.

We believe work must also be fun so a good sense of humour is always welcome.  We believe in excellent working relationships where differing opinions are not only tolerated but are also given room for expression.  Despite all our experience we know that we do not know the answer to everything!

Most of all we are building a team of people who believe that the traditional way of delivering legal services is not good enough and is not being designed to provide truly best service to our clients.  Too often lawyers are being dragged away from providing a service to their clients in order to provide services to the firm (marketing meetings, internal HR and policy meetings etc.).

Lace Law believes in using professional business managers to manage the business and to leave the lawyers and advisers to do what they do best – build great relationships with clients and deliver trusted advice.  There is so much satisfaction to receiving praise from a client for a job well done, but you need to be given time to deliver the service that warrants the praise.

Lace Law offers:

  • Great working conditions in modern, air conditioned offices;
  • State of the art IT and business systems;
  • Village location, easily accessed from the A1 with no traffic jams and easy (free) parking;
  • A supportive working environment where we look out for each other;
  • A flexible approach to work that values happy and loyal clients above all else;
  • The opportunity of becoming an integral part of an ambitious legal advisory business with a say in the way the business develops.

Experienced Lawyers

Long Bennington
Hours: TBC
Hourly Pay / Salary: Competitive

If you are an experienced lawyer with a following then we would love to speak to you. We believe lawyers are good at their jobs and should be trusted to do their work. Unfortunately lawyers are often expected to do too much 'other stuff' which then affects your ability to deliver the quality of service you are capable of delivering. Our structure is designed to provide you with the support to allow you to do your job well and achieve the satisfaction of a job well done.


Long Bennington
Hours: TBC
Hourly Pay / Salary: Competitive

We understand that many lawyers dream of working for themselves but recognise that they need support to do so. We can provide you with the comfort of the following within one of our consultancy packages:

  • Insurance cover;
  • Working within a state of the art IT system;
  • Accounts support;
  • Telephone supplied that can provide reception support;
  • Promotion of your service through the web site;
  • Business cards supplied;
  • No fee earning targets;
  • Ability to work within our offices if you wish;
  • The chance to meet fellow professionals working with or for Lace Law;
  • Fee sharing arrangements that guarantee you a fairer share of the fees you bill.